Information about Match Managing for the YGs

The Match Manager is an important role in the club. All matches have a assigned manager prior to the season. He is the main point of contact for a specific game. If you need to contact a manager please go to either the Fixture List and email them direct or for full list of managers with phone details click below - you will need your assigned password to access this information.

To help with team selection we have added a selection sheet which you can download and use is either a pdf or word document format.

The YGs continues to encourage members to Match Manage. By spreading the duties it lessens the load of some of the clubs stalwarts and encourages a more active participation in the club. The following aide memoire is to assist managers wether they be running their first or 100th game. It is especially useful for managers new to the experience. Remember if you are having any issues or difficulties managing your game please do contact a fellow club member who will do their best to help.  


Select a balanced, winning side early: you should aim to have 7 or 8 players in place at least a month before your game, and you must send a written (e-mail will do) reminder to your team at least a week before your match.

Select your side from members of the Club – you may want to fall back on one or two guests but Members offering to play should always take precedence.

Contact possible players with the help of the player list available on the website Do not expect Paul White to do your recruiting for you.

Insist that anyone calling off makes every effort to find their own replacement.

Remember you are the Club's representative for the day; 250 members will be judged on your performance.

Contact your opposition fixture secretary at least a week before your game to make sure he is sending a team.

 Contact your Umpire to confirm that he knows he is expected. He will be on the fixture page of website.

Get to the ground early - try to be the first - to talk to and help Nigel Bartram, the Groundsman; boundary markers to put in, sight screens are aligned etc.

Greet and thank the Umpire, caterers etc. Establish numbers for extra meals and tell the caterer.

Greet and look after the opposition. They are the Club's guests, you are their host.

Start on time.  Remember, YGs play predominately timed  not overs cricket.

Uphold the traditions of the game; do not tolerate dissension of any sort towards umpires/opposition.

Ensure that all players settle their match fees/meal money. Ensure visitors pay for any meals/teas.

Know what to do/who to contact in the event of doubtful playing conditions or cancellation.

Encourage your side to wear Club colours.

Recruit new prospective candidates, and if they are suitable, pass on their details to the Hon. Secs.

Try not to leave before the last of your guests, i.e. the Opposition; help Paul White throughout and at the end of the day. He should not be left to clean up after you, or to put up the shutters unaided.

Be prepared to arrange for the pitch to be brushed, rolled and marked between innings, whether for your side or the opposition.

Cover the next wicket to be used at the end of the game, in consultation with Nigel Bartram.

Remember, almost everyone who makes the Club what it is gives his time freely - and act accordingly to preserve the sort of cricket we value so highly.

Distribute copies of Club Rules to players – available behind the bar in the pavilion.   

Additional Information

Players Summary - all playing members’ details are on the website. If you know of any potential players or changes of details (especially e-mail addresses) please inform us.

Young Players - please refresh your memory on the requirements re-Under 18s. Team cards will be provided to give to the umpire.

Opposition Fixture Sec - on the website fixture page.

Umpires - a ‘home’ umpire has been allocated for all games. His name will be shown on the fixture page of the website.

Paul White - Paul gives a huge amount of his time to the club. Please do not burden him with your cricketing problems.

Groundsman - Nigel Bartram does a great job on the square and the ground in general; please assist him where and whenever you can.

Membership Sec - cannot function without information, please inform him of anything from new players, change of details, trivia for website, even a match report.





If you have to cancel your fixture due to poor weather or lack of opposition you must notify:

All your players and the opposition MM.

Paul White - Pavilion Manager

Nigel Bartram (Groundsman) 

Umpires - Bill Dalton, Mike Apparicio


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